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Dobrudjanski fermer - a producer of plastic crates for bread,  bakery products, milk, dairy products, meat, meat products, fish, cheese and agricultural products
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The basic article of the 'Dobrudjanski farmer' company business is a production and realization of the plastic circulating packing for the food industry including cases for bread and baker's goods, dairy products, meat and fish products, cheese packing, agricultural crates, etc..

The company offer:
  • high quality of the production;
  • quick delivery periods;
  • competitive low prices;
  • loyalty to business partners in the organization.
The membership of the WORLD PACK�GING ORGANISATION is guarantee for high-quality of our products. They are according to the European quality standards.

The 'Dobrudjanski farmer' company has registered the first patents for useful patterns in the sphere of cheese packing.

Dear customers,
We offer you not only a crates,
We offer you high-quality solutions for your business.



  Crates for bread and bakery products
  Crates for milk and dairy products
  Crates for meat, meat products and fish
  Crates for frozen chickens
  Cheese boxes
  Crates for agricultural products


Varna 9000
Western industrial region - Varna
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Advertising departmen
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